“Bizarro” Cartoon: Soldiers on a Pigeon Statue

While I was organizing my workspace for summer writing this afternoon, I came across a clipping of a cartoon from the Bizarro strip by Dan Piraro, which originally ran on March 15, 2015:

From "Bizarro," by Dan Piraro, March 15, 2015

From “Bizarro,” by Dan Piraro, March 15, 2015

Made me chuckle all over again! My favorite thing about the cartoon is that the figures sitting on the pigeon are all the sorts that would appear on soldier monuments – this really speaks to the way in which these statues have become “part of the furniture” in a way, mostly not recognized in our day to day lives unless something drastic happens to them. Or perhaps it shows that no matter what grand ideals we have for our public monuments, pigeons will find a way to perch on them. Either way, I’m saving this one for the next time I give a public talk on my research.

To read more about the author’s thoughts on this cartoon, click HERE.

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